Oct. 5, 2013 – The house is almost done

After the house was delivered on Wednesday, things starting happening really quickly.  Various crews have been working all week putting the two halves together, then putting the siding on the ends, hooking up the electric, water, and sewer and adding the skirting.  The inside painters finished up today and the house looks almost livable.  Still to be done are the front and rear decks, some inside trim on the marriage line, and hooking up the appliances.

Here’s what the front of the house looked like yesterday evening.

Front on Friday Evening

Oct. 2, 2013 – A house is coming

Yes, we have a house being delivered today.  We bought a Clayton Homes manufactured home to put on the lot.  It will cover up one of the RV sites but we still have the other available for storing our motorhome and for our friends to park on when visiting.

More to follow, with pictures.

Sept. 20, 2013 – Almost home

We’re in Ardmore, OK, tonight.  Tomorrow we will go to Roanoke, TX, to visit our friends Ron and Donna.  Then on to home in Spring Branch on Sunday.

Today was a trying day for our vehicles.  We fueled up at the Flying J in Ardmore and when Ned was getting out of the motorhome, the grab bar by the door broke loose.  Fortunately, he didn’t fall down, but the lower bracket for the bar is destroyed.  Then we left Flying J and the motorhome speedometer and odometer weren’t working.  This has happened before and corrects itself, hopefully tomorrow when we leave.

Then the truck wouldn’t start to charge up the battery when we got to the campground.  Ned put a charger on it for the next several hours to fix that.  Also, 2 days ago we wanted to run the roof air conditioner as it was getting quite hot out, and discovered that we weren’t getting any power from the generator.  No error codes from the generator so we suspect it’s the transfer switch stuck in shore power mode.

What next?  Good thing we’ll be home in 2 days.  Hopefully nothing else will break before then.

Sept. 16, 2013 – On the road south

We left Oak Creek Estates this morning and drove to Pomp’s Tire Service in New Berlin to put 4 new tires on the rear axle of the motorhome.  From there, we drove to Country View Campground in Mukwonago to spend a night with our friends, Vic and Mo.  Tomorrow we start south and expect to be home in Spring Branch next Sunday.

Sept. 7, 2013 – Getting ready to leave Milwaukee

It’s been a typical summer starting with Lorna going to St. Paul for a week shortly after we arrived in Milwaukee.  Then came our involvement in the Queen’s Cup race at our yacht club, South Shore, at the end of June with Lorna working with the yacht club auxiliary selling clothing and Ned on the starting boat race committee.  Then there was a junior sailing regatta sponsored by our yacht club in early July where we both were on the race committee for 3 days.  In August Lorna spent 10 days in St. Paul with her daughter and grand daughters and other family while Ned stayed in Milwaukee.  This weekend Ned is on the race committee for the U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.  All summer Lorna has been going to the yacht club several days a week to weed and water the gardens, and also volunteering one day a week at a local library.  Next week Lorna has her 55th high school reunion, we have dinner with my college roommate and his wife on Wednesday, and then we leave on Monday, Sept. 16.  The first stop is for 4 new tires on the rear axle and then we head south for Texas.  This summer has really flown by.

We’ve ordered a manufactured home to be installed on the lot next month.  The loan is approved and we need to do a bit of tree clearing before they can start the lot preparation.  We should be in the house in late October.  We’ll have a spare bedroom for guests, once we furnish it, so we hope to see some of the friends and family that we’ve traveled the country to visit these last 16 years come down to enjoy our Texas hospitality.  We’ll still have a full hookup RV site for our RVing friends as well.

June 1, 2013 – About the house

The plan to buy the neighbors house didn’t work out.  When the bank ordered appraisal came back, it wouldn’t support the needed loan so we had to cancel the offer.  Then Chuck and Marie, our new landlords, graciously offered to sell the lot back to us and we accepted.  Of course, they now have a standing invitation to stay at the lot whenever they desire, whether we’re there or not.  Good friends like these are rare and we cherish them.

June 1, 2013 – Almost to Milwaukee

The past 4 days have been interesting.  Lots of rain, thunderstorms, tornado watches, but we did avoid any serious winds and hail.  We’re in Lincoln, IL, tonight and will be going to Oak Creek tomorrow.

We got parked and I went to set up the satellite TV antenna as usual.  Got it pointed before leveling the coach to be sure it would clear the trees and it did.  Lorna leveled while I hooked up the electric.  When I went back to repeak the antenna, the TV was off and the power LED was flashing red.  The manual said that means the TV may need servicing.  Well, it’s over 12 years old so off to Amazon I go and order a 24″ Vizio LED 1080P Smart TV for $198 for delivery on Tuesday.  I use the bedroom TV that came with the coach in 1997 to finish up the DirecTV setup.  A bit later, I decide to turn on the home theater for music and the TV turns on and has a picture and sound!  That just means it goes to Goodwill rather than the recycler.  The Vizio will be nice when we get our Time-Warner Cable internet on Wednesday as it has a wireless internet connection and an app for Amazon Video.

May 13, 2013 – Still here in Spring Branch

We are in the final stages of closing on our loan for the house.  We also have had some company in the past month.  Don and Mary Ann were here for 5 nights in April and our good friend, Russ, just left this morning after a 3 night visit.  The new owners of the lot will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday.

We hope we can close in the next week, or we’ll have to do it from Milwaukee.  We’ve complied with all the little niggling details that the bank keeps throwing at us.  Why they couldn’t tell us all these things up front is beyond us, it would have saved a lot of time.

The plan is still to leave next week Wednesday, at the latest, and arrive in Milwaukee by June 1.

April 5, 2013 – We are homeless again

The sale of the lot is officially done.  The money is in the bank and the deed has been signed and notarized, awaiting filing when we get it to the lawyer next week.

We now wait on Wells Fargo to process our loan application so we can close on the house before leaving here in May.