June 2, 2014 – Oak Creek, WI

We arrived here on Saturday, May 31, and will be here for only 2 months this year. We had our friend Lisa over for dinner last night and this morning Lorna headed for the Twin Cities for her granddaughters’ and a nephew’s graduations. She’ll be back on June 12, I hope. We don’t expect anything exciting to happen while we’re here, but if it does, we’ll post about it.

Sept. 16, 2013 – On the road south

We left Oak Creek Estates this morning and drove to Pomp’s Tire Service in New Berlin to put 4 new tires on the rear axle of the motorhome.  From there, we drove to Country View Campground in Mukwonago to spend a night with our friends, Vic and Mo.  Tomorrow we start south and expect to be home in Spring Branch next Sunday.

Sept. 7, 2013 – Getting ready to leave Milwaukee

It’s been a typical summer starting with Lorna going to St. Paul for a week shortly after we arrived in Milwaukee.  Then came our involvement in the Queen’s Cup race at our yacht club, South Shore, at the end of June with Lorna working with the yacht club auxiliary selling clothing and Ned on the starting boat race committee.  Then there was a junior sailing regatta sponsored by our yacht club in early July where we both were on the race committee for 3 days.  In August Lorna spent 10 days in St. Paul with her daughter and grand daughters and other family while Ned stayed in Milwaukee.  This weekend Ned is on the race committee for the U.S. Disabled Sailing Championship at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center.  All summer Lorna has been going to the yacht club several days a week to weed and water the gardens, and also volunteering one day a week at a local library.  Next week Lorna has her 55th high school reunion, we have dinner with my college roommate and his wife on Wednesday, and then we leave on Monday, Sept. 16.  The first stop is for 4 new tires on the rear axle and then we head south for Texas.  This summer has really flown by.

We’ve ordered a manufactured home to be installed on the lot next month.  The loan is approved and we need to do a bit of tree clearing before they can start the lot preparation.  We should be in the house in late October.  We’ll have a spare bedroom for guests, once we furnish it, so we hope to see some of the friends and family that we’ve traveled the country to visit these last 16 years come down to enjoy our Texas hospitality.  We’ll still have a full hookup RV site for our RVing friends as well.

July 12, 2012 – Osseo, WI

The Kaszube Cup was this past week and we spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning on the lake as part of the race committee getting sunburned and enjoying the fresh air.  The racing was good until the wind died mid-morning on Wednesday.  After lunch at the yacht club we went home and started getting the motorhome ready for departure.  Lorna did the laundry and Ned put away the sewer and water hoses and emptied the holding tanks.  For a nice finish to our stay in Milwaukee, Lorna’s son Scott took us out for dinner at Southwoods to celebrate Lorna’s birthday which was July 11.

This morning we first went to Pomp’s Tire Service in New Berlin to get the left front tire replaced.  It’s nearly new, we bought it in February in San Antonio and it had less than 1400 miles on it and the tread was coming off.  Michelin has offered to pay for half of the new tire but I asked that the manager at Pomp’s exam it when he returns on Monday and we’re hoping for a warranty replacement.  The service at Pomp’s was very good and they got us out in less than 2 hours.  I would buy tires from them but they probably won’t be Michelins.

Tonight we’re at the very nice Stoney Ridge RV Resort in Osseo just off of I-94 and are meeting Dave and Judy, college friends of Ned’s, tomorrow morning for breakfast.  Then it’s on to Barron, a long drive of 75 miles for two nights.

June 23, 2012

We leave Milwaukee in less than 3 weeks.  Reservations have been made through July 26 at the various campgrounds where we’ll be staying.  After that, we’ll head west on US 2 all the way to WA state.  We have no specific plans for most of that trip but we’ll be updating the Whereis site and this blog as we see what develops.

Next weekend is the Queen’s Cup race at South Shore Yacht Club and that means we’ll both be busy for a couple of days.  Thursday is the big party and Friday is the race.  Lorna will be selling merchandise for the yacht club auxiliary and Ned is on the start boat race committee, as usual.

The week we leave is the Kaszube Cup Junior Regatta at South Shore.  That will keep us busy on Monday through Wednesday as we are both on the race committee, then we head out on Thursday.  It seems like we just got here and already we’re making our plans to leave.  Where does the time go?

May 12, 2012 – Oak Creek, WI

We spent last night in Litchfield, IL, about 30 miles south of Springfield.  It was a nice campground with level, gravel pull through sites and far enough off I-55 that the traffic didn’t bother us.  We looked but could not find any decent overnight campgrounds in the Rockford area so we drove straight through to Milwaukee today, 320 miles.  We’re now parked at Oak Creek Estates for the next 2 months.

As some of you may recall, we put new front tires on the motorhome in February.  With only 1400 miles on them the left front tire is showing signs of tread delamination.  I’ll be taking pictures and visiting Pomp Tire, the Michelin dealer here, and asking for a replacement.

August 24, 2011 – Boscobel, WI

We’re parked at a friend’s farm for a couple weeks before heading down to hot, dry Texas.  Lorna drove to St. Paul last Sunday to spend 2 weeks with her grand daughters and family.  I get to just relax and enjoy the hot, humid Wisconsin weather.  Yesterday morning we had a tremendous thunderstorm.  It started sometime around 5:00am and continued until well after 6:00am.  Sasha shook the entire time, she has never liked thunderstorms.  Sure wish we could send some of this rain down to Spring Branch.

Here’s the view from the front porch:

Aug. 5, 2011 – Getting ready to hit the road

Our time in Milwaukee is coming to a close in just 2 more weeks.  It’s been a typical summer as far as activities, with Lorna doing volunteer work at the Greendale library and tending the new flowers at the yacht club.  Ned worked on the race committee for the Queen’s Cup again and Lorna again sold Queen’s Cup merchandise for the yacht club auxiliary.  We’ve visited with our friends and family, had friends from Arizona stop for 4 days this past weekend, and all of a sudden, our time is just about up.  The weather has been hotter than normal, as it has been in much of the country.  One of our air conditioners failed last month so we’ve been getting by with just the one, and it can barely keep it livable inside on the hottest days.  We will probably wait until we get back to the lot to have it fixed or replaced.

From here, we’ll be heading to Boscobel, WI, to stay on a friend’s farm while Lorna goes to St. Paul to see her grand daughters and family one more time this year.  We’ll be heading south right after Labor Day.  Sure hope it cools down some by then.

June 4, 2011 – In Oak Creek for the summer

Not much to report for the past few weeks.  We spent a week in Ham Lake, MN, visiting with family members and just catching our breath after our 6 day/6 state trip from Spring Branch.  Memorial Day weekend was in Wisconsin Rapids with more family.  We arrived in Oak Creek on Wednesday, June 1, and will be here until sometime in late August.  Ned has been fighting his annual summer cold since May 29 but is getting better every day.  Lorna is doing her usual cleaning up of the motorhome and truck after the 1700 mile trip.  No photos this time as we didn’t do any sightseeing on the way.

The only notable event on the trip was high water pressure in a campground in Kansas that broke a fitting on our water heater and we had to have that replaced in Ham Lake.  More of a minor inconvenience than a real problem, but it says the motorhome is showing her age (16 years old now).

We have now been on the road for 14+ years.  In that time we have visited 49 states and made lots of friends.  It’s an experience that few people get to enjoy.  We expect to continue doing this for the foreseeable future, although we may spend more time at our lot in Spring Branch.  We have such great neighbors there that it’s hard to leave.

June 3, 2010 – Oak Creek, WI

We arrived here last Friday afternoon after spending 2 nights in Wisconsin Rapids visiting some of Lorna’s family.  Saturday we went to the wedding of the daughter of friends from the yacht club.

Yesterday, I took Lorna to the airport where she flew to St. Paul for 2 nights.  Tomorrow she flies to Anchorage, AK, to begin a 2 week land and sea tour of Alaska.  She will be accompanied by a old friend of hers from West Palm Beach, FL.  I will be here with Sasha trying to enjoy our solitude until she returns on June 19.