May 26, 2014 – In MN on the way to Milwaukee

After a relatively uneventful winter, we headed north from Spring Branch on Monday, May 19. The first 2 days were pleasant, with tail winds and warm, but not uncomfortable weather. On Wednesday, we stopped for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Springfield, MO. Leaving the Cracker Barrel, the motorhome started but the speedometer wasn’t working. After a few miles we pulled off and shut down the engine. We had seen this a few times in previous years and a brief shutdown and restart always fixed it. This time the engine wouldn’t even turn over, let alone start. The short version is we were towed back to the Cat dealer in Springdale where we got 2 new chassis batteries and were on our way again about 6 hours later.

Tonight we’re in Lanesboro, MN, for an RV Forum rally with some friends we’re just meeting and some old friends arriving tomorrow. We’ll be here until Saturday when we’ll be coming to Oak Creek for the next 2 months. If anything exciting happens we’ll post it here. I have also been posting occasionally to my Google+ account so you can find me there as well.

Lorna has some interesting news too, but I’ll let her write about it and post it later.

July 16, 2012 – Grand Marais, MN

We had a wonderful 2 day visit with my old friends, Bill and Sue, in Rice Lake over the weekend.  The campground in Barron was OK, but the power was only 30A and the voltage was low.  Fortunately, it wasn’t so hot that we needed the air conditioners.  There are very few campgrounds in that part of Wisconsin and most are filled with seasonal campers.

Yesterday, we drove to Grand Marais and are staying in the municipal campground right on the lake.  Lorna’s brother Ivan and his wife Kathy are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary here this week and their whole family are coming up today.  Lynne is staying with us until Tuesday.  We’ll be here until Friday.  While the temperatures are nice and cool, it’s been raining all morning and the forecast calls for occasional thunderstorms all day.  The next 3 days are forecast to be quite pleasant, however.

May 13, 2010- Apple Valley, MN

We’re parked at the Lebanon Hills Campground, a Dakota county park facility that we’ve stayed at several times in the past. We’ll be here for 2 weeks visiting Lorna’s family in the area and waiting for the warm weather to catch up to us.

After we left Spring Branch on Saturday, each day got colder as we moved north. We missed the tornadoes in OK by one day, but had rain most days.  From here, we’ll head to Wisconsin Rapids to visit Lorna’s cousin for 2 nights, then on to Milwaukee for the summer.  We’ll be parked in Oak Creek on Friday, May 28.

Getting ready to leave

The summer has flown by as usual and we’ll be back on the road on Friday, Aug. 21.  In the past 2 weeks, Lorna has had both eyes operated on for cataracts and no longer needs to wear glasses except for reading.  My eyes will be next, perhaps this fall.  We have one more trip to Southwoods Supper Club next Tuesday to say goodbye to several area friends.

After we leave Milwaukee, we’ll be staying 2 nights in Boscobel to visit friends, then up to Ham Lake for a week so Lorna can stay with the grand daughters while Lynne goes back to work.

From there, we head west to Bozeman, MT, arriving on Sept. 3 for a week.  My fraternity is having a reunion over the Labor Day weekend and I’ll be with some brothers that I haven’t seen for over 40 years.  It should be quite a weekend with trips to Virginia City and Yellowstone NP scheduled.


Just a quick update.  After we left Iowa, we spent a week in Ham Lake, MN, visiting Lorna’s family.  For Memorial Day weekend, we went to Wisconsin Rapids and stayed in Lorna’s cousin’s yard.  On Memorial Day we drove to Bailey’s Harbor, WI, in Door County, and spent a week there to attend Scott and Lisa’s wedding on May 30.

On June 1 we drove to Milwaukee and are parked in our usual place in Oak Creek until about August 22.  We then head back to Ham Lake for a week before going to Montana.

When we came from Door County we brought Katharine, one of our granddaughters, to stay with us a for a few days.  She was just delightful to have around.  When Lorna came down with pharyngitis (a bad sore throat) her trip to St. Paul was delayed from Wednesday until Saturday, June 6.  Since then I’ve been here alone but getting lots of paying work done.  Lorna returns tomorrow afternoon.

Ham Lake MN – August 23, 2007

Katharine & Libby 6-07This morning we left Lacrosse to continue the rest of our trip to Ham Lake Campground north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. There were areas along the way that were flooded but the highway was clear. We arrived at the campground mid-afternoon and set up for a two week stay. This is a very nice place complete with a petting zoo with deer, goats, donkeys, a llama, chickens and a pair of peacocks, great for children. We were here to visit family and friends; also, to care for Lorna’s two granddaughters (Libby and Katharine), who live in St. Paul, for a week before their school began. While there the girls and Lorna spent one day at the Como Zoo and Amusement Park which is something the three of them do every summer. The youngest granddaughter (Katharine) joined us out at the campground for an overnight which was a first for her and was very enjoyable for all of us. We had friends come and join us there for a couple of days on their way through the area. The time went by much too fast and it was soon time for us to leave and continue on with our travels.