May 26, 2014 – In MN on the way to Milwaukee

After a relatively uneventful winter, we headed north from Spring Branch on Monday, May 19. The first 2 days were pleasant, with tail winds and warm, but not uncomfortable weather. On Wednesday, we stopped for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel in Springfield, MO. Leaving the Cracker Barrel, the motorhome started but the speedometer wasn’t working. After a few miles we pulled off and shut down the engine. We had seen this a few times in previous years and a brief shutdown and restart always fixed it. This time the engine wouldn’t even turn over, let alone start. The short version is we were towed back to the Cat dealer in Springdale where we got 2 new chassis batteries and were on our way again about 6 hours later.

Tonight we’re in Lanesboro, MN, for an RV Forum rally with some friends we’re just meeting and some old friends arriving tomorrow. We’ll be here until Saturday when we’ll be coming to Oak Creek for the next 2 months. If anything exciting happens we’ll post it here. I have also been posting occasionally to my Google+ account so you can find me there as well.

Lorna has some interesting news too, but I’ll let her write about it and post it later.