Oct. 27, 2013 – We’re in the house

We’re fully moved into the house.  We ordered beds about a week ago and were expecting them this past Thursday or yesterday, Saturday.  We were sleeping in the motorhome until they arrived.  However, on Thursday we were having frozen pizza for dinner and noticed that the pizzas weren’t fully frozen.  I checked the temperature of the freezer and it was 31° and climbing!  So we quickly emptied the freezer and refrigerator into the house refrigerator and turned off the motorhome fridge.  Friday morning we noticed nothing unusual and went to our usual stint at the local library.  We returned home just after noon as we were expecting Don and Mary Ann to arrive in the afternoon, which they did.  Friday night we again slept in the motorhome but on Saturday morning there was a distinct odor of ammonia.  We all know what that means, so we now had to move completely into the house as we weren’t sleeping there with that smell.  A call to the mattress company and we were told our mattresses were on back order.  Lorna told them of our emergency need so they delivered the bed frames and 2 loaner mattresses for us to use until ours come in.

Besides the refrigerator, on the trip south last month, it was quite hot and we started the generator to use the roof air conditioner.  After several minutes, still no power.  Apparently the transfer switch is stuck in the shore power position.  So we suffered in the heat for the rest of the trip.  Also, over the past month or so we’ve noticed our hot water wasn’t as hot as it used to be.  In fact, we can shower with no cold water mixed in at all.  Don’t know what’s causing that.

We think the motorhome just knew we were moving out and is shutting down one bit at a time.  The list of problems, large and small, is getting bigger every day.  Fortunately we have a good RV repair service not too far from us and now we can take the motorhome to him and leave it there to get fixed.

Don and Mary Ann have been very, very helpful in getting our stuff from the motorhome into the house and we’ve enjoyed their company these past few days, as always.

Here’s a couple of not too good photos of the inside: